Still on the Hill


We understand that moving is difficult at any stage in life. This is especially true for aging adults who have spent years creating a comfortable home. At Still on the Hill, we can turn this challenging time into a stress-free, positive experience for you and your family. Step by step.


Assess and Plan:

First, we meet with you to understand your needs. Then we work with you to develop a schedule of events that minimizes surprises. We develop a floor plan for your new home and we make arrangements with any third parties involved in the move.


We sort, label and inventory all your household items. We make sure that heirlooms are properly taken care of. We arrange for the sale or donation of items you no longer want. We arrange utility, phone and mail transfer, and trash removal.


We personally pack all your belongings. We make sure your personal, immediate necessities are in “open first” boxes so that you can settle in right away. We are certified and insured.


We supervise your move from beginning to end. We arrange for movers and make sure your possessions arrive safely at your new home.


We meet the movers on-site. We unpack and arrange your belongings the way you want them. We stay until you are comfortable and secure in your new home, and we make sure you have what you need for daily living. We can return for any unfinished packing, and to make sure the last picture is hung.